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Painting Feelings

Mariusz Korbański, a young artist who graduated in 1990, says that his work depicts feelings. "Feelings are very important, and love is free to do what it likes. That is what these pictures are about."

His art is expressive, figurative and narrative. Figures appear in various configurations and tell of the emotions between people as well as the sexual components of love.

In Triumfalny łuk miłości (Triumphal Arc of Love) from the Egzotyki (Exotics) series, the theme is carnality and shows a couple united in a loving embrace. Pictures from the Dom (Home) series show the figures of a woman, man and child soaring above a tiny house. It is they who create their home, not the building, which here has just a symbolic function. Painted as if by the hand of a child, it is a reference to what is going on around: the emotions people experience and their relationships.

Many of his paintings, particularly the earlier ones, depict faces. Korbański's fascination with faces resembles that of the protagonist of Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker, who closely studies an enlarged reflection of his face. Korbański analyses his own mirror image in an attempt to look deep into what is hidden from sight. The artist returned to the theme of faces in works not included in the exhibition, but covered in the catalogue, in the Maski (Masks) series. His monochromatic works are also interesting, painted in different shades of a single color.

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